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Welcome to the Brotherhood Cigar Club

Welcome to the Brotherhood Cigar Club. Our Union Firefighter and Paramedic Cigar club was started at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Springfield, Illinois by a group of Brothers from the Illinois Honor Guard. The first official smoker was held on the rear stairwell of the hotel during the annual Honor Guard Convention. A ragtag group of Brothers from Illinois and a few from around the country just wanted a place to smoke and relax. And so we did.

We now have members from all over the Country brought together by our faith in our Brotherhood and our love of fine smokes and libations. Feel free to invite any friends of yours from the area that might be interested in getting together. Group smokers are held the second Wednesday of each month to accommodate shift schedules and "special" meetings may be created as needed.

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First Smoker

Springfield, IL

Our first gathering of Honor Guard Members in 2017, where the idea of the Brotherhood Cigar Club was created!  Hey, it was cold, what are ya gonna do?

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Florida & Chicago

Retired Lisle-Woodridge Firefighter/Paramedic Brian Sleigher heads the Southwest Florida Chapter & Evanston Captain/Paramedic Jeff Boetto heads the Chicago Chapter.

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Been there done that, got the t-shirt

Thanks to Brian Sleigher, we have even had cool Brotherhood Cigar Club apparel made over the years.  Can't smoke without representing our great group after all!


ca·ma·ra·de·rie /ˌkäməˈrädərē,ˌkaməˈrädərē/noun mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together.  This is the very fiber of the Brotherhood Cigar Club, the camaraderie that we share with each other as firefighters that spills over into our group gatherings.  Take the firehouse "coffee table" but mix it up into a location where you can smoke a cigar, drink an adult beverage, tell lies, jokes and stories with your firehouse family!  From active to retired members, Brotherhood Cigar Club affords the opportunity to keep retired members at that firehouse table! 

Interested in starting a chapter of your own?

Send a message on our Contact page and someone will get back to you if you are intersted in starting a chapter in your neck of the woods!  Or get info on where to join a chapter near you!.

Monthly Gatherings

Brotherhood Cigar Club typically meets on a monthly basis depending on which chapter you are closest to.  For example, the Chicago Chapter is meeting in January 2020 with our 48th monthly event!  We have celebrated promotions, birthday's, holiday's, had gift exchanges, and more!  As the Chicago President, I will tell you that it is my favorite day of the month, and I hate when I am on shift and have to miss it!  
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Ugly Sweater Party

Here the Chicago Chapter was making the Holiday a little brighter with an ugly sweater party at the Burning Leaf in Aurora, IL.  Yes, even a "white elephant" gift exchange was had!    

Snacks too you say?

The great thing about this group is we are all enjoy hanging out and bringing a fun snack or beverage to share. Some of us don't drink adult beverages or even smoke cigars, but still come for the camaraderie of the Brotherhood Cigar Club! Although I will admit, there have been some fabulous Bourbon's and wine's shared over the years! I would not recommend bringing said snacks home, unless you like cigar infused treats of course LOL!

Tent Smokers

A couple of years ago, the Illinois Honor Guard had their annual Convention in Collinsville. One of the Committee Chairmen was also a member of our group. He liked it so much, he purchased a tent for us to host a "Smoker" at the Annual Convention. It was very popular, and we have decided to host one each year for our group.

Membership Fee

Unlike some clubs, we don't have an annual "fee" to join. Our membership has come from being in the fire service together serving communities across the Country.

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